NoDa Records Kickstarter Project

As some of you around the ‘hood may have heard, NoDa Records has an on-going Kickstarter project and needs your help! You can learn more about NoDa Records and their Kickstarter project below.

Here’s a few vids about the project.

NoDa Nites Update 04.24.12

A Wrench in the Works

Wayne Enterprises NoDa presents A Wrench in the Works featuring:

Cullen & Friends
Old Milwaukee

tickets are $7 with all proceeds going towards funding of the Batcave NoDa, providing automotive services and transportation to those in the NoDa community that are in need, or would just like to save some cash.

For more info click here!


Ali Loncar Benefit Concert

Come support an awesome NoDa local and all-together amazing person and friend, Ali Loncar, in her battle against viral meningitis.
If you’ve met Ali, you know she is one of the most hardworking and beloved of NoDa citizens, whom is constantly looking out for others before herself. But Ali often gets disabling seizures that keep her from being able to work and take care of her medical expenses.

So come out and enjoy an amazing show at the Chop Shop and know that the entrance fees and other proceeds will be helping an incredible girl in her time of need.

On Sunday, May 6th, the Chop Shop will host:

Black Acid Disco
Bums Lie
Casting Great Shadows
The Pisteleros
My Secret Other Girlfriend

Festivities include:

A raffle with prizes generously donated by local artists and tattooers, NoDa restaurants and bars, salons, spas and other local businesses.

A silent auction offering artwork and other prizes.

Keg beer sold for $2 with proceeds going directly to Ali. The regular bar will be open for other drinks.

Also a photo booth & massages!

$8 cover


1st Annual NoDa Studio Crawl

Charlotte’s lively Arts&Entertainment district, long known as home and birthplace to many thriving arts venues takes the Arts Crawl one step further and brings the public another level of arts exposure. Come and visit over 13 artist studios! See paintings, sculpture, and live music! Meet the artists on their turf! For a printable map:


Business – NoDa Nail Salon

NoDa Nail Salon
NoDa Nail Salon opened its doors July 2010. NoDa Nail Salon specializes in offering the latest trend-setting nail care around. Go and experience the most recent trend available; Shellac/Gelish Manicure designed for the natural nail. It will last for up to two weeks without chipping.
NoDa Nail Salon

NoDa Nail Salon

Also on their service list are pedicures and artificial nail enhancements. Their manicurist has many years of professional experience in the nail care industry and it is their goal to provide the best nail care. Check out their website for monthly specials, and give them a call for group rates or to schedule an appointment.
NoDa Nail Salon

NoDa Nail Salon

NoDaNite of Interest – Ryan Small

Ryan Small

Ryan Small

Ryan is a freelance writer and production designer. He is currently writing a screenplay adaptation of Point Blank (by Mark Rempel) for Upton Pictures. The film will be shot in Charlotte and surrounding areas in January 2012.

When asked why he moved to NoDa, he says it was “a girl.” Ryan also says he enjoys living in NoDa because it is a nice admixture of characters and the bars seem to tolerate a touch of insanity. Ryan originally hails from Virginia, where he was born. He lived in Northern Ireland for an extended period of time, then migrated to Charlotte, NC, where he spent his teenage years. Ryan was attending various colleges pursuing a writing degree, when he was cast in a small webisode for a cop drama called Port City P.D., which currently airs in Europe. He then decided to pursue a career behind the camera.

Ryan Small (right) with Davie Dirt

Ryan Small (right) with Davie Dirt

In the past few years, Ryan has worked as a production designer for various film projects in North Carolina, including The Jail House, A Box for Rob, Destiny Road, and Sleeping Around. In Ryan’s own words, this is how he describes himself.


Ryan is also an avid reader. He is a fan of John Fante and Kurt Vonnegut. Ryan just finished reading ‘Elementary Particles’ and highly recommends it. He is a self-professed “Recreational Creator” and likes to spend his wind-down time writing.

Some of Ryan’s favorite quotes:

“If I wasn’t such a coward I would run” -John Cale

“May the bridges we burn light our way home” -Ryan Small

“Beauty fades but dumb is forever” -Judge Judith Schiendlin

“We’re all in the gutters, only some of us are looking at the stars” -Oscar Wilde

Ryan doing what he does

Ryan doing what he does